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26 June 2013

KVM on Storage OS

I guess the time has come to share with the world some of our technical experiences while bringing new features out on Storage OS. I will […]
20 June 2013

We’ve unleashed the Storage OS 2.12!

One of the most feature-packed releases to date has just been unleashed upon the world of storage. Storage OS 2.12 brings many new features that empower […]
12 March 2013

Storage OS 2.11 is here! See what’s new

Here it is! The latest version of the Syneto Storage Operating System has arrived. You can update to version 2.11 straight form the interface. If you […]
23 January 2013

Storage OS powered by Illumos vs. Linux. Which is better?

There’s a question which we’re often asked here at Syneto: Isn’t Storage OS powered with Illumos, with the ZFS filesystem comparable to a Linux powered storage […]
15 November 2012

Storage OS 2.10 released; New features, HA clustering and more…

It’s here! What? you ask. Why the latest version of Syneto Storage OS of course. Version 2.10 of Storage OS brings a lot of new features, […]