Syneto Academy Courses: Knowledge is power

As a Syneto partner you’re actually part of the team. As a united and like-minded group of people, we’re always paying attention to what each member needs. We constantly think not only about offering you a better range of benefits (see our simplified Partner Program here) but also about how you can improve your skills. To be successful as a partner in the storage market you need to be armed …

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A promise is a promise: what Syneto Storage OS 3.1 will deliver

Syneto Partner Gala 2016 was a remarkable experience! We looked back at Syneto’s brave journey. Our quest to become a successful and trustworthy data solution provider. We also talked about upcoming projects like Storage OS 3.1. Do you remember we promised to deliver a faster, improved Storage OS 3.1? Well, that’s exactly what you’re about to get! The innovative minds behind Syneto are preparing the promised software technologies right now. …

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Yes, please! The story of Partner Gala Italy 2016

We’re back and we took it up a notch! The breath-taking scenery of Franciacorta wine country witnessed the 2nd edition of Syneto Partner Gala Italy on Thursday, April 14. With a 20% increase in attendance, this edition brought together 120+ participants from 4 countries. It was an exciting one-day event where we talked about our past, present, and future projects. The event ended on a relaxing note with an appetising …

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Storage OS 3.0. The start of a new era

At the dawn of private clouds and hyper converged storage Syneto is proud to announce their latest operating system Storage OS 3.0. This software release, together with a new lineup of products is here to meet the ever growing need for modern storage solutions. Hyper converged solutions are rapidly adopted in a World where private clouds became an established technology. 2016 sees a spectacular interest for the hyper converged solutions …

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Hyper-converged storage for SMBs: A look at the future

At Syneto, it’s our mission to help organisations deal with the explosive growth of data. With the amount of data generated on the planet doubling every two years, we saw the opportunity to help the 99% of companies in the world who are SMBs deal with their data growth. So what do SMBs need when it comes to data? We answered this important question by pooling the knowledge we gained …

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