Syneto brings IT @TheEDGE!

Reading time: 2 minutesWorking hard to achieve your goals is, of course, wonderful, but sometimes you have to take a minute to relax, evaluate and appreciate your achievements, as well as the achievements of your partners. At Syneto, we have made it a tradition to do this every year, together with our numerous Italian partners. We have recently had the pleasure of having 150+ guests attend our event @TheEDGE 2018 in Italy. We …

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11 Frightening Ransomware Statistics & Predictions

Reading time: 2 minutesBusinesses of all shapes and sizes rely on technology to carry out their activity. But unfortunately, in recent years, the wide adoption of technology has also been seen as an opportunity to exploit vulnerable businesses with the help of malware. The overall number of malware attacks has been increasing steadily for a while now and ransomware has become a common and constant threat. With news about “big” ransomware attacks constantly …

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Size doesn’t matter: How to create big technologies for small and medium businesses

Reading time: 4 minutesTechnology is no longer a luxury, but a commodity. As we spend so much of our time connected to our laptops and our smartphones, technology has become an integrated part of our daily lives. The same of course is true for the lives of organisations: every organisation is dependent on various technologies to grow and conduct daily activities. But organisations come in all shapes and sizes and so does technology. …

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Meet SynetoOS 4: Symplify. Accelerate. Protect

Reading time: 2 minutesWe strive for constant improvement. We want to give our partners the best hyperconverged solutions for the SMB and ROBO market. And we are now taking that mission one step further with SynetoOS 4. Starting March 22nd, all HYPERSeries products will be equipped with SynetoOS 4, our revolutionary OS that simplifies hyperconvergence, making our users’ IT operations easier and more efficient. This article will offer more insight into why and …

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Complying with GDPR: what you need to know

Reading time: 4 minutesThe year 2018 is bringing organisations worldwide new challenges to face. While ensuring data protection has always been an important task for all businesses, with the enforcement of the GDPR in May 2018, the issue is now in the spotlight. What should you know about the GDPR and how can you prepare for it? We have put together some information to help you out, together with some of the ways …

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