Innovation and monopolies in data storage

I’m working with my team to build a company in a very mature market. It has been around for a long time, more than 50 years. It’s a market that’s more than 100 billion $ / years. I constantly challenge myself to understand the consequences of this choice. In this market there are about 5 players, EMC, HP, IBM to name a few who own more than 70% market share. …

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Behind the Scene: Discovering Change (#10)

Arguably, the most important aspect of agile is change. Indeed, agility can be understood as moving from one way of work to another. From doing something planned that is potentially useless, to doing something unexpected but surely useful. In order to achieve change, you must first discover what you can do differently for your next action. Discovering the needed change is usually painful. People are used to doing things in …

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Behind the Scene: The Right Tool for the Job – Multiple Language Development (#9)

In our previous blog post we have seen how each language in a multiple language development environment has its own culture and how this culture can transcend into other languages. This borrowing of philosophy is a great way to enhance both your spoken language capabilities as well as your programming language skills. Using the right programming language for the right task can be a powerful asset. Each programming language is …

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Syneto at CeBIT 2015 #2

I’m writing at the end of day 1 of CeBIT 2015, and what a day it’s been! We had some very interesting storage talks and took on the great vibe of this giant event. We will be at the Syneto booth in Hall 6, Stand B49 until the end of CeBIT on Friday March 20th. If you stop by, we have one of our flagship ULTRA Series 220 storage array …

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Syneto at CeBIT 2015 #1

Hey folks, We’re just setting things up here at CeBIT 2015. If you would like to meet Syneto in person, you are more than welcome to stop by our booth in Hall 6, Stand B49. We are available for technology demos or simple discussions regarding data storage throughout the event See you around!

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