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So powerful you can hear its Echo!

HYPER Echo is a dedicate hyperconverged platform for secondary data management with an advanced Data Protection system based on machine-learning algorithms and immutable, instant Recovery Points for protecting and restarting VMware infrastructures.



What is HYPER Echo?

HYPER Echo is a range of hardware appliances specifically designed for secondary data management scenarios. Combined with SynetoOS, an advanced enterprise operating system, it creates a complete platform (hardware + software) for the management of secondary data workloads.

It uses a hyperconverged approach to provide Copy Data Management, Data Protection and Disaster recovery services for primary infrastructures running the VMware hypervisor.

Dedicated Hardware

HYPER Echo appliance feature powerful compute resources and large amounts of RAM memory for local VM recovery. This is combined with flexible hybrid and all-flash storage options as well as NVMe SSD-based caching for quick data ingestion.

Integrated Hypervisor

As a hyperconverged solution, HYPER Echo includes a built-in hypervisor (VMware) which the operating system uses in conjunction with the filesystem in order to provide local, instant VM recovery capabilities.


HYPER Echo uses the latest version of SynetoOS, a dedicated enterprise operating system specifically designed for on-site hyperconverged deployments. It unifies a host of powerful technologies and services inside a single, easy to user management interface.

Discover HYPER Echo

See how HYPER Echo is built to provide complete data protection and management for secondary workloads.

Echo Data Management

HYPER Echo innovates secondary data management and goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional data protection solution. To achieve this we applied our guiding principles - Simplify, Accelerate, Protect - in order to create new methodology, called Echo Data Management. It focuses on delivering 3 key aspects of secondary data management:

Immutable Recovery Points (RP)

SynetoOS running on HYPER Echo provides a near-infinite number of restore points that allow any data entity (VM, file share, etc) to be rolled back to any point in the past… instantly.

RPs also allow creation of 0-copy Clone for Test & Dev.

Hidden Physical Storage

Physical storage is hidden, therefore invisible to any malicious software or hacker attack, even if the network has been penetrated.

As opposed to traditional data protection where backups and their storages are always available on the net.

Logical Air Gap

To provide the highest level of data protection, SynetoOS creates a logical separation between storage and applications. A compromised application cannot in any way affect the data.

Unlike traditional “tapes” that are placed in a safety deposit box.

Independent RP Chain

Compared to traditional backups, SynetoOS Recovery Points (RPs) are always incremental and independent.

This means that unlike traditional backups they do not need consolidation (famous full backup).

Single UI Data Management

Being a hyperconverged platform, HYPER Echo unifies all secondary data management, their processes and lifecycle in a single modern and very simple to use interface.

In traditional infrastructures, the IT Manager must manage each component separately.

Machine Learning SLA Policies

In SynetoOS, the user does not have to set backups manually, choosing frequency, date and time. You only need to specify the level of protection you want.

The on-board ML manages all processes and reports the results obtained and any suggestions to the user.

HYPER Echo Appliances

A new and revolutionary hardware architecture specifically developed for the challenges of secondary data management. HYPER Echo appliances ship pre-configured and can easily scale both horizontally (compute) and vertically (storage). The appliances ship with software pre-installed and can be deployed straight out of the box.

HYPER Echo - 2200 (Hybrid)

HYPER Echo, hyperconverged secondary data management hardware platform with hybrid storage configuration.


HYPER Echo - 2200 (All-flash)

HYPER Echo, hyperconverged secondary data management hardware platform with all-flash storage configuration.


HYPER Echo Resources

Get up to date with everything there is to know about the Syneto HYPER Echo platform with the latest resources available.


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