All-in-one IT infrastructure

Replace your traditional, expensive and complex IT infrastructure with a single end-to-end, AI powered, cloud-enabled solution.

Remote Environment

Remote & Branch Offices

EDGE Compute

VDI & Remote Access


Testing & Development


All-in-one IT infrastructure Replace your traditional and complex IT infrastructure by adopting a modern solution, driven by Zero-Trust principles and powered by AI. Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Remote Environments Workloads Virtualization (VMware)
Data Storage SAN/NAS
Backup/Recovery for MSPs
Cloud Data Management
Instant Backup & Restore
Replication & DR
Cyber Resiliency
Remote & Branch Offices
EDGE Compute
VDI & Remote Access
Testing & Development

Discover the Syneto Ecosystem

Simplify operations, accelerate processes, and protect data with a Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem that integrates 'turnkey' hardware platform, an Universal and Resilient Data Management OS platform and a wide range of cloud services.

We Love Our Customers...

See how smart companies across Europe simplify, accelerate and protect their business with the Syneto Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem

And They Love Us Back!

Take a look at the reasons why thousands of organizations from across Europe rely on the Syneto Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem to simplify, accelerate and protect their business

Why Customers choose Syneto?

One platform. Management, made easy

  • Deploy apps, backup, restore, recover; Everything with one click.
  • Rack and play: unbox it, start it and deploy your apps. That's it.

Backup everything. Restore anytime

  • Instant, automatic backups of all the data on the infrastructure.
  • Under one minute to recover and restart a VM.

Predictable restore time. Certain recovery

  • Recover everything: up and running in 15 minutes after a disaster.
  • Certain and predictable recovery. Everytime. Everywhere.

Ransomware immunity. Vaccinate your IT

  • Instant recovery to point-in-time before attack..
  • No data loss. No ransom paid. No business delay.

Simple, Fast and Safe Support

You won't need us often, but we're always here for you! Because we go above and beyond simple support


Your Syneto benefits from a comprehensive customer support and hardware maintenance program which is built on a foundation of simplicity, speed and security

  •  Single-vendor support for entire infrastructure.
  •  98% customer satisfaction rating.
  •  Support available 24/7, 365 days/year.
  •  Engineering and support teams are collocated.
  •  Local language support for English, Spanish and Italian.


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Take a look at the reasons why thousands of organizations from across Europe rely on the Syneto Hybrid
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