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7 January 2015

Behind the Scene: How We Develop Storage OS (#1)

Creating a storage product is certainly a challenging task. A storage array represents a synergy between hardware, software, and maintenance. Recently the story about how we […]
18 November 2014

Forget endless manuals. The Syneto Academy is here!

What if learning to use your storage array could be completely different? For decades, mastering the use of powerful technologies, like data storage arrays, has been […]
16 July 2014

Storage Performance Analytics: the New Storage OS 2.16

Cutting straight to the chase, Syneto Storage OS 2.16 will give you complete and transparent access to your storage’s performance information with a wide range of customisable storage […]
8 July 2014

Questions about VDI or Private Cloud deployments?

Gain knowledge on how to achieve your storage goals by seeing how the University of Milan easily deployed a VDI storage as well as a Private […]
25 June 2014

ITAKE vs. DevTalks – Two Conferences Side-by-Side

Separated by only a couple of weeks, two software conferences took place in Bucharest at the end of spring 2014: ITAKE Unconference at its 2nd edition and DevTalks at […]
19 June 2014

A dive into filesystems – ZFS – part 1

I’m starting a series of posts about ZFS. I will try to provide as much as possible architectural diagrams and code examples. The series is for […]
3 June 2014

OpenZFS European Conference

On the 20th of May, this year, the first European Open ZFS conference was held in Paris. It was a great event and an absolute privilege […]
23 May 2014

Two Days with Gerard Meszaros

At the beginning of May 2014 we had the opportunity to host Gerard Meszaros for a few days in Timisoara. He is most known for his exceptional […]
14 May 2014

CraftConf 2014 – A Bright Sunshine in the Spring

One of the essential parts of our continuos learning process is to go to software conferences from time to time. The choices are quite scarce in […]