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2 February 2024

Beyond Zero Trust: an advanced approach to Cyber Security

Introduction In the previous article, we defined the key concepts revolving around the Zero Trust methodology. We came to the conclusion that 60 per cent of […]
17 January 2024

Content Engineer (Timișoara, Romania)

Who Are We? Syneto is one of the European early leaders in datacenter technology. Founded in 2008, our company creates IT infrastructure products and services for […]
20 December 2023

Zero Trust: the new data security paradigm

What is the Zero Trust Model Zero Trust is a security model that operates on the principle ‘never trust, always verify’. Unlike traditional approaches, which rely […]
6 November 2023

Cloud “Transformation” or Cloud “Repatriation” ?

Scenario and Key Factors In 2020, large enterprises accelerated the process of Cloud adoption due to the pandemic emergency, making it a true resilience lever.However, the […]
6 November 2023

Growth of Hacker Attacks in Italy

Defence Strategies and Sectors at Risk Cyber attacks in Italy, but not only in the second quarter of this year, continue to grow. The increase is […]
22 September 2023

illycaffè chooses Syneto to protect their data.

illycaffè chooses Syneto to protect their data and optimize efficiency in business processes.   illycaffè is an Italian family-owned company founded in Trieste in 1933. Since […]
20 September 2023


Krauss-Maffei for the world of plastics and its derivatives is looking for a state-of-the-art IT structure that guarantees fast and immediate disaster recovery.
20 September 2023


Jermann is one of the most prestigious wineries in the whole of Italy. With a history going back to 1881, Jermann creates some of the finest […]
20 September 2023


illycaffé is an Italian company founded in Trieste in 1933. Its mission has always been to offer the best coffee in the world. This famous company is aware that...
20 September 2023

Cerreto Bio

Cerreto Bio is specialised in the production and distribution of herbs, spices, vegetables, legumes, cereals, and vegetable-based preparations. The needs of company are differents: first of […]
20 September 2023


Valpharma is a pharmaceutical group with over 40 years of experience, present on 5 continents and in over 70 countries with over 300 patents for pharmaceutical […]
20 September 2023


F.lli Berdin, a manufacturing company for more than 70 years, produces Grünland footwear, the characteristics of which are comfort, quality, well-being and made-in-Italy design. Thanks to […]
18 September 2023

Castellini Officine Meccaniche

Castellini Officine Meccaniche was founded in 1949 and today has 250 customers worldwide in the steel, infrastructure and ship building fields. The company’s growth goes hand […]
18 September 2023


Scandipadova offers services at 360 degrees, from purchase to rental, from assistance to spare parts.As part of this business continuity logic, the natural choice to secure […]
18 September 2023

Graziani Packaging

Graziani Packaging was founded in the 1960s and gradually grew to become a production company now run by the second and third generations of the Graziani […]
18 September 2023


Profimed, a leading dental care company, chose Syneto to implement a hyperconverged IT infrastructure… “so simple that you forget you have it”. It manufactures dental floss […]
18 September 2023


Graficonsul was founded in Tuscany in 1992 and expanded in the 2000s into the production of promotional materials for various sectors. The company’s needs were for […]
14 September 2023

Dealing with Information Security Threats

The probability to receive an attack In this scenario, the certainty of cyber attacks has transformed the question from an ‘if’ to a ‘when’. This shift […]
14 September 2023

The economic advantages of hyperconvergence for SMB

Hyperconverged IT infrastructures are those that include computing capacity, network structure and storage in a single device. In practice, you have all the essential components in […]
14 September 2023

Hyperconvergence and remote working

How to enable remote work without interruptions Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown period had strong impacts in the world of work. Companies have been forced […]
14 September 2023

Hyperconvergence – what is it?

Hyperconvergence solutions reduce the complexity of the infrastructure, because it is largely contained in a single machine, and of its management. Hyperconvergence refers to an IT […]
14 September 2023

Hybrid Cloud

Three advantages why you should adopt this model in your IT The Hybrid Cloud IT model provides for IT resources to be built through different clouds […]
14 September 2023

Down the last bit

IT Managers are fighting a cyber war…down to the last bit! In a place like Casa Lago, the design event space in the heart of Milan […]
14 September 2023

Down to the last bit.

Italian companies are under cyber attack and IT managers are the hidden heroes of this war to protect data and business In a market research study […]
14 September 2023

Syneto Hyper Core 1000T

A revolution in private cloud for small businesses Awareness around the importance of data and especially its protection is one of the topics on which institutions, […]
13 September 2023

Milan: Choose to be invincible   

Syneto promise for its partners in Milan In a place like MEET, a physical and virtual space distinguished by innovation and technology, we welcome our partners […]
13 September 2023

Rome: Choose to be invincible 

Syneto promise for its partners in Rome In a place like MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, we welcome our partners and share […]
13 September 2023

Syneto launches new Syneto OS5

It’s the universal platform for managing cyber-resilient data SynetoOS5 is a radically rethought operating system for the hybrid cloud era. It is designed to provide unparalleled […]
13 September 2023

Syneto upset Edge Computing

Thanks to Hyper Edge G2 launch a world opportunity for SMB While the theme that data is a key business asset is now well established, the […]
9 August 2023


Carbotermo chooses Syneto HYPER Echo to address recent challenges in data protection. Thanks to the Logical Air Gap, compromised applications can’t affect data in any way: […]