All-in-one hyperconverged infrastructure with built-in Disaster Recovery

Our hyperconverged solution accelerates your journey to the hybrid cloud by combining the agility, elasticity and economics of the public cloud with the security, performance and compliance of the private cloud.

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Grow your business, not your IT spending!

Transform your IT infrastructure from a budget draining headache to a business growth and innovation powerhouse. Syneto hyperconverged solutions go beyond the traditional IT mix of expensive and hard to manage silos. With Syneto you can benefit from integrated Disaster Recovery, improved application performance and always-on data protection.

Cut capital and operational costs by 50%

Total purchase and support costs are reduced thanks to the savings generated by the hyperconverged primary unit, integrated DR and consolidation of the entire datacenter in just 3U.

Increase application performance by 500%

Compared to traditional solutions without flash technology, you get five times more performance. This allows business applications to run faster and produce more business results.

Recover from a disaster 480 times faster

Traditional IT infrastructures take up to 24 hours to come back online after a crash or disaster. With Syneto, complete IT infrastructure recovery can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes.

Peak performance

Compared to traditional IT ifrastructures, the HYPERSeries offers up to 500% more performance.

Back to business in 15 minutes

The HYPERSeries allows you to restart your entire IT infrastructure in as little as 15 minutes after a downtime incident.

Always-on data protection

Up to 1440 backups per day for every application as well as automatic data corruption detection and healing.

SynetoOS 4

The HYPERSeries is powered by the worlds first operating system specifically designed for hyperconvergence with built-in Disaster Recovery: SynetoOS 4.

The Syneto operating system is built to be managed by any IT generalist. We call this concept “one-click everything. In fact, usability is so good that we have decide to skip making a manual for it. Just kidding! There will be a manual. The first of its kind, SynetoOS 4 is the only operating system which is both DR-aware and VM-aware, transforming our vision of an all-in-one IT infrastructure into reality.

“One-click everything” means that all the common processes of an IT infrastructure (provisioning, sharing, backup, replication, etc) can be done with a single click.

DR-awareness, a unique filesystem technology, allows SynetoOS 4 to identify VM/file/datastore backups and automate all the recovery and backup management tasks.

Anti-corruption technologies built into a specialised layer over the filesystem enable SynetoOS to automatically detect and self-heal any corrupted data.

Our products are making a real difference!

“Syneto has given us the best solution to take our business forward. We looked at comparable products but Syneto’s was by far the best.”

Giancarlo Andreoli, IT Manager, Serioplast

“We have three times more application performance and space available then before. Syneto has made an enormous difference to us.”

Nicola Ponchia, Divisional Information Officer, Silca

“We’ve overcome the obstacles of traditional infrastructure. With this solution we’re managing our data flexibly and eficiently. From an economic standpoint, it’s a win!”

Piero Bertoldo, CEO, LIC Packaging

You will not need us often, but we are always here for you.

We are always here for you with customer support you can rely on. With Syneto, you don’t need to worry about any IT infrastructure issues.

If something goes wrong, our technical support engineers are renowned for resolving any issues fast and for good. No more level 1 support, talk to someone who can solve your situation without a time wasting buffer.