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Our mission

We are here to transform the way organisations of all sizes manage their IT infrastructures and helps them achieve their most important objectives: remove complexity, lower costs and increase agility for faster resource deployment.

Our highly usable data technologies enable customers to create hyper-converged as well as software-defined storage infrastructures. Powerful analytics capabilities help organisations make informed, effective data-driven decisions and deploy revenue-generating applications quickly, easily and with confidence.

syneto space array

Our story

syneto business start

We started building storage to challenge the existing status-quo. SMEs were overwhelmed by the big prices, proprietary architectures, complex offerings and ownership costs of big storage vendors. SMEs needed storage solutions with powerful enterprise features, manageable by anyone, not requiring an IT department’s worth of people.

We found the solution by leveraging open-source technologies, software defined storage and general purpose hardware. The result was an easy to use storage which brings low manpower costs and the enterprise features of a high-end storage to small and medium businesses.

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Our culture

Smart and agile

We hire smart and agile people who are forward looking and want to become leaders in their field. That’s why more than 80% of our people have been with Syneto for over 5 years.

Freedom and imagination

We value individuals, their needs over processes and rules. We want our people to be creative and free-thinking, that’s why we never force them into closed procedures.

Communication and interaction

We value continuous communication between us and our customers. A product is only as good as the needs it serves. We always focus on the customer’s wants and needs.

Community and open-source

We encourage everyone to write and contribute to open-source projects. Storage OS’s Illumos based kernel is open source as well as the VMware integration library.

Start-up mindset

We maintain a start-up culture where every employee’s opinion is valued and appreciated. At Syneto, we like to challenge ourselves by analysing any idea’s pros and cons.

Workplace and lifestyle

We offer a workplace where everyone can keep a healthy way of life and can truly feel at home. A happy employee is also an efficient and productive one.

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The leadership

Vadim Comănescu CEO

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Marco Lorenzi Co-founder & COO

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Dan Vâtca Co-founder & CTO

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Flavius Stef Co-founder & VP Engineering

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Dragos Chioran VP Marketing

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