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Smart IT in the digital economy: the challenges of IT manager


The role of an IT manager is vital for any organization, especially nowadays, when any business is a technology business. As the importance of IT within a business has grown, so has the importance of the IT manager. But this role is evolving from a merely “reactive” role to a more strategic one. If in the past an IT manager would only have to oversee IT activities and intervene when necessary, today that role is becoming more proactive and complex. As technology is becoming an essential part of a smart modern business, so is the role of an IT manager becoming “smarter”.

The role of the IT manager is changing

Syneto’s solutions have been designed to make IT simple. This means that we also want to make the lives of IT managers simpler. In order to find out more about the needs and challenges of IT managers, we have recently conducted a small independent survey, relying on 200 IT managers who work in small and medium businesses. 

Around 50% of our respondents have admitted that their roles have changed at least some degree in recent years. 65% of our respondents consider themselves SMART IT managers: they are interested in innovative technologies, while at the same time considering cost-efficiency. These IT managers claim they love challenges and love to embrace new useful technologies. Why is this important? Because rapid adoption of technology is very relevant in the age of digital transformation.


Digital transformation: reshaping IT roles

What is digital transformation? Digital transformation can be defined as the process of integrating digital technology into all areas of a business. But it is also a cultural change that requires organizations to embrace innovation and show continuous adaptability to the fast-paced world of technology. Digital transformation has reshaped the way companies operate and the way they interact with their customers. 

How are these changes affecting IT managers? 

  1. For all businesses, adopting technology is no longer a choice, but a necessity.
  2. Since all companies rely on their data (be it files, databases, or applications), a strong IT is vital for any business.
  3. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace; therefore, IT managers need to always stay up-to-date with the latest developments
  4. The role of IT is no longer a passive responsive one; an IT manager must focus on the strategic use of IT and data management.


5 challenges of smart IT managers

As technology partners, we were also curious to find out what IT managers are most interested in. When asked what they would be interested to find out more about or develop their skills, our respondents have shown interest in:

  • Strategic IT management (63%)
  • Cybersecurity (56%)
  • IT infrastructure & hybrid cloud management (54%)
  • Digital transformation (46%)
  • Data management (33%)

All of these interests can be explained in the context of data becoming an important asset for all companies. It isn’t just technology that has become a “core” asset for companies, but also the data managed by all that technology. As data is so valuable, it is important to manage it safely and correctly. Data can be used for daily operations, but also to fuel “smart” industries, for analytics purposes, or simply backup and archiving. 

But this growing importance of data has also led to an increase in cybersecurity threats. For example, ransomware/malware attacks have become more common and more sophisticated in recent years. This only adds complexity to the role of an IT manager, who must now focus on data protection too, in addition to IT management. 


Syneto: simplifying IT management

In the complex world of business IT, we believe solutions providers should do their best to simplify an IT manager’s work experience, and not to complicate it. At Syneto, we try to do exactly this, by offering: 

A simple easy to use solution:
easy to deploy and manage, through one-click operations.

An all-in-one solution
designed to cover all the IT needs of a small and medium business.

Integrated backup capabilities:
with (almost) instant automatic backups that require little management time.

Integrated Disaster Recovery:
the entire infrastructure can be recovered in 15 minutes after a disaster occurs.

Are you an IT manager looking to simplify your work? Get in touch to see how Syneto can help!

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