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The hybrid cloud and data security: an integrated approach



The hybrid cloud is here to stay. Unfortunately, so are security threats. How can you take advantage of the benefits offered by the hybrid cloud, while also protecting your data? We have tried to answer this question together with the Cloud Transformation Observatory of the Milan The Polytechnic University and our partner Kaspersky


Hybrid Cloud and Security

The role of IT has slowly been shifting from that of a support function to that of a fundamental business asset. It has become a strategic necessity for modern businesses. 

At the same time, the role of an IT manager has also evolved to meet this new reality. To help IT professionals better understand the hybrid cloud model and how it can be protected, we have recently organized a webinar titled “Hybrid Cloud and security”. The webinar has been organized together with The Polytechnic University of Milan and Kaspersky and has aimed at providing an integrated approach to solving the IT challenges of today. Because our event has been so popular and has raised so many interesting questions, we now are offering some insight into our findings to all our readers. 


Cloud Transformation Observatory: Hybrid cloud adoption is on the rise 

According to research by the Cloud Transformation Observatory, cloud adoption in general and hybrid cloud adoption, in particular, is on the rise. 

How exactly has the cloud market evolved? This chart offered to us by the Cloud Observatory sheds some light: 

The acceleration of digital transformation and cloud adoption has been fueled, among other things, by the 2020 health crisis. Embracing a cloud model has allowed businesses to continue with their activity despite existing operational challenges. What are some of the reasons behind this? Again, the research done by the observatory helps us better understand the market’s needs: 

  1. It has become more important for businesses and their IT to be agile.
  2. Delivering a good experience for the users
  3. Achieving security and protection.  


Kaspersky: Data protection in a hybrid environment

As companies have come to realise the importance of data, so they have realized the importance of protecting it. Our partner Kaspersky is an important player in the data security market. 

According to Kaspersky, some of the main security challenges in a hybrid environment are: 

– Risk of downtime or unavailability of applications

– Unauthorized outsider access

– Unauthorized application components or compute instances

– Inability to respond to incidents traversing cloud apps and data. 

Kaspersky’s approach to hybrid cloud security is essentially a mix between public and private cloud security. 

Such a solution can help your business ward off potential threats. But as threats evolve at a fast pace, an integrated approach to data security will also involve reliable backup and recovery mechanisms. 

Syneto’s take on the hybrid cloud 

Modern businesses need to focus on three major aspects: people, processes, and technology. To help businesses manage these resources efficiently, but also to offer the best technical solutions, Syneto has developed a new platform that:

– Is ready for the future and allows for the adoption of new technologies and trends.

– Helps eliminate manual and complex processes through automation.

– Is accessible anywhere.

– Is efficient and allows cost reduction.

– Protects the most important asset – data.

The Syneto ecosystem converges on-premise and cloud solutions, thus accelerating the journey to the hybrid cloud. Data protection is ensured through automatic almost instantaneous backups that can be used for fast recovery, should an incident occur on the main infrastructure. 

Would you like to find out more about Syneto solutions? Our team would be happy to set up a demo for you.