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Aged IT is not as good as aged wine: Jermann wineries choose Syneto


Some things in life are better when aged. That is usually the case of high-quality wine. It isn’t however the case of IT solutions. In a dynamic business world, technology is gaining an ever more important role. It has become vital for organisations of all shapes and sizes to choose a strong and efficient IT infrastructure. The prestigious Jermann wineries have been aware of that. Here is their story:

Jermann wineries choose Syneto: the story

The Jermann family has been producing high-quality wine since 1881. They produce wines such as Vintage Tunina, Dreams, and Red Angel, which are well recognized worldwide. Jermann is a company that is in touch with the world daily but also focuses a lot of its attention on the things that make a wine great.

In order to stay true to their mission, they needed the right IT for their needs. This turned out to be a challenge when they have realized their old IT infrastructure was no longer reliable. In their quest for a modern and efficient IT solution, they have chosen Syneto.

Andrea Parenzan, Administrative Director at Jermann: “Syneto has offered us a simple solution that guarantees data security. This is very important because today if you lose your knowledge, which is data, you lose your identity!”

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