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Prevent, before you cure: Introducing the Syneto Cybersecurity Division

In medicine, it is said that it is better to prevent than to cure. We believe that this is also true when it comes to data protection. That is why we have recently launched the Syneto Cybersecurity division. What is it and why does it exist? This article offers a brief presentation.

Protecting the asset that is Data

Data is the most important asset of an organization. We live in a digital economy that is fueled by data. Data protection is therefore vital for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

At Syneto, we have a strong background in equipping our customers with solid data protection and Disaster Recovery capabilities. All of these are meant to ensure, that should data be threatened, our customers can still save it.

But we also believe that our customers need integrated solutions. That is why we have embraced a 360 approach on data protection, covering:

  • Cybersecurity Services – it is easier to prevent than to protect.
  • Data Protection – through a solid backup system
  • Disaster Recovery – fast and certain recovery in case of a negative event.

Prevention, before protection.

Those of you who are familiar with our work, are probably confused by that first line: cybersecurity services. In reality, this is nothing new. So far we have created solutions to “cure” data problems, but experience has taught us that it is better to prevent.

To offer our customers more thorough data protection services, we have recently launched the Syneto Cybersecurity Division. With the new Cybersecurity division, we have built a dedicated team that offers its experience to help you analyze all the risks related to data management. This provides you with simple, fast, and safe ways to protect data.

What is the Syneto Cybersecurity division?

This division was created to support SMEs in the mitigation of IT security risks. And we are doing this while staying true to our mission: by bringing products and services available only to big enterprises and governments, to the SMB market. The Cybersecurity Division, lead by Alessandro Scarafile, former Operations Manager at Hacking Team, offers an international experience (60+ countries) in various areas of expertise (Banking, Insurance, Industrial, Financial, Business Information, Telecommunications, Energy, Governments etc.).

Our CEO, Vadim Comanescu, explains what this division is, in this video presentation:

Currently, we have officially launched 2 services:

  1. Security audit: a checklist-based security audit to assess your company’s security IT security;
  2. Security scan: a vulnerability assessment scan designed to protect your external network perimeter.

To find out more about our new services, feel free to contact our team.