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How to make smart work (even) smarter with Syneto Central

In a world where everything is becoming “smart”, it was only natural for our work to become “smart” too. As a business, Syneto continuously embraces change and new technologies. It was then only natural for us to help organization embrace new trends such as digitalization and smart work. Syneto Central encompasses Syneto’s powerful cloud services. Here’s how these services can help “smart” businesses today. 

What is Syneto Central?

Syneto Central offers several cloud-based services designed to improve the Syneto Hyperconverged Data Management Platform. This hybrid cloud approach allows us to build an entire ecosystem of products and services – covering all the IT needs of modern businesses. 

As with all Syneto products and services, Syneto Central is being continuously improved. Recent changes have been made with a new reality in mind: the need of smart work. 

One platform, three services

Syneto Central brings together Syneto’s cloud services in an integrated way. All the services offered on Central have been designed to complement each other and all can be managed in just a few clicks through Central.

The services currently offered here are:

  • Fleet management
  • User management
  • Remote access service (RAS)

Fleet management

The fleet management service offers an overview of the Syneto fleet. It offers the user an “inventory” of the machines and machine status, based on their respective locations. 


Syneto Central – Fleet Management

User management

A recent development in Syneto Central now allows multiple users (unlike in the previous version). Moreover, granular access can be given to each of the users according to his needs and responsibilities. This means that if, within a company, several users need access to the IT infrastructure, they can now do that, within the range of their given permissions.


Syneto Central – User Management

Remote Access Service (RAS)

Smart working has become almost common practice. Businesses nowadays need to be able to provide safe, fast and easy access to corporate applications and data. The Syneto Central Remote Access Service (RAS) answers this need for reliable access. Syneto RAS allows IT managers to easily configure safe access for all remote workers to the corporate network. 

Syneto Central – Remote Access Service


The service was designed to integrate seamlessly with the entire Syneto ecosystem for 1-click configuration without using any 3rd party software. 

Download the Syneto RAS Service Overview!

How does RAS work?

The configuration file is created automatically. Users can simply access their CENTRAL account and retrieve their configuration file. They can simply load the configuration into their VPN client on any device and start working with business application and data.

A simple and safe experience

With the latest Syneto Central version, the experience of using these three services has been also been improved through:

  • An “at-a-glance” dashboard” – this is where the user has an overview of Syneto machines, company users, locations etc., simplifying management and monitoring processes. 
  • Enhanced security – in the era of “smart working” security matter more than before; to ensure Syneto customers can access their infrastructure from anywhere, we have paid increased attention to security – this is why we have introduced a 2-factor authentication process. 

Find out more!

We are here to help. If you want to understand how Syneto solutions work, you can go ahead and schedule a demo with a Syneto representative. 

If you would like to find out more about how the Syneto Remote Access Service can help your organization embrace smart work, you can download our dedicated “service overview” below.