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Ransomware is what nightmares are made of. It’s a constant threat that can bring businesses substantial financial losses. While there is still no guaranteed way to keep ransomware away from your data, a business should aim to achieve some kind of immunity to threats posed by ransomware. But what exactly is ransomware immunity and how can you achieve it?


What is ransomware immunity?

Ransomware immunity can be defined by an organisation’s ability to overcome losses caused by a ransomware infection. With the right tools, ransomware can be rendered harmless, just like a human virus after a vaccine that offers immunity.

How can ransomware be rendered harmless? Using antivirus software is, of course, a good idea. However, new kinds of malware are being constantly developed; while “natural” viruses also mutate pretty fast, this process is accelerated when it comes to man-made computer viruses. Unfortunately, these “mutations” are developed so fast, that an antivirus cannot keep up-to-date fast enough.

The best way to achieve ransomware immunity is to have a reliable backup and recovery mechanism in place. The backups should be immutable – meaning that their state cannot be changed once created. Fast and frequent immutable backups will ensure that all data can be recovered unharmed in case of a ransomware attack, while the ability to recover fast after a disaster will minimize downtime and, implicitly, financial losses.

How Syneto can help you achieve ransomware immunity

Syneto products can help your organization achieve ransomware immunity with instant automatic backups, that cannot be modified once created, to ensure all your data is backed up safely. SynetoOS then works as a “time machine”, recovering uncorrupted data fast from a point-in-time before the attack occurred. This combination helps ensure fast recovery after a ransomware attack.