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Syneto solutions cater to the needs of various types of businesses. Promotica is one of Italy’s leading marketing agencies specialized in customer retention. This is the story of is how the HYPERSeries has helped this marketing agency.

Promotica’s business challenges

One of Promotica’s biggest challenge was to move away from a decentralized IT infrastructure. This type of IT had proven to be ineffective and difficult to manage.

Moreover, the maintenance times were generally high and could, therefore, be improved. As any modern company, Promotica needs to have their data available at all time and to minimize the risk of losing any data. In a world where malware is a real threat and data is vital for a business, Promotica had to find a reliable data protection solution.

The company needed to find a consolidated IT solution, that would help them simplify their IT operations as much as possible.

The Syneto solution

Promotica has chosen an integrated Syneto solution with built-in Disaster Recovery capabilities. This solution has successfully consolidated all of the company’s IT resources.

The team at Promotica found the solution attractive due to the low backup and restore times it offered, but also due to its 1-click management feature, while dramatically lowers management times. At the moment, all of Promotica’s data is protected by the Syneto solution. Should the company ever suffer from downtime, the data can be recovered within 15 minutes.

After the initial purchase, the company has added one more Syneto solution, in order to achieve reliable remote Disaster Recovery.

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