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SynetoOS 4 is the first operating system specifically designed to power hyperconverged IT infrastructures with built-in Disaster Recovery and native File Sharing.

Laptop with SynetoOS 4 dashboard

The new operating system is both VM-aware and DR-aware, allowing the system to detect and understand virtual machines, datastores and file shares. This technological breakthrough means that SynetoOS 4 completely automates the day-to-day management processes which are common in an IT infrastructure:

  • Datastore provisioning
  • VM resource allocation
  • File share creation
  • System-wide status checks
  • VM/file backups
  • Backup replication
  • Data recovery
  • Data protection/integrity checks
  • And much more…

SynetoOS ships with the new Syneto HYPERSeries 2000 and will also be available as an upgrade on the HYPERSeries 3000 by the end of the year.

One-click everything

SynetoOS 4 was built from the ground up on this concept of ultimate simplicity. The whole idea behind this OS is to make it manageable by any IT generalist; no specialised IT knowledge or training required

Simplicity and ease of use are ingrained into every line of code and user flow of SynetoOS 4. Still not a believer? No problem! Our VP of Engineering has prepared a walkthrough demo video which illustrates a couple of common infrastructure management scenarios. Take a look: