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Why Syneto?

Because we are taking hyperconverged infrastructures to the next level.

At Syneto we have created the first all-in-one IT infrastructure specifically designed for SMBs, remote/branch offices and small datacenters in large organisations: the HYPERSeries 3000.

This new breed of hyperconverged infrastructure contains all of the IT services and features an organisation needs. We bring together, inside the same platform, much more than just the traditional mix of virtual applications, networking and data storage. Syneto and the HYPERSeries 3000 take hyperconverged infrastructures to the next level by also adding built-in automatic Disaster Recovery, instant local VM/file recovery, native file services and improved application performance:

  • Disaster recovery capabilities are built directly into the product:
    • 15 minute RTO
    • 1 minute RPO
  • Files can be shared natively with users across multiple protocols:
    • Share across NFS, CIFS & AFP
    • File back-up every minute
  • Data protection mechanisms run automatically, 24/7:
    • Advanced self-healing
    • No silent data corruption

Making a difference for SMBs and remote offices

The Syneto HYPERSeries 3000 is designed to include all of the IT services a small organisation needs. Other hyperconverged infrastructure offerings concentrate only on scalability in order to fit the needs of “fortune 1000” large enterprises. With Syneto, SMBs and remote offices can have all of the IT services they need without investing in any extra software or hardware:

Traditional hyperconverged infrastructure

Syneto hyperconverged for SMBs/ROBOs

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The unique benefits of Syneto hyperconverged solutions

Syneto hyperconverged solutions and the HYPERSeries3000 are designed to improve and innovate IT infrastructures in SMBs, remote/branch offices and small datacenters in larger organisations. The end result is an all-in-one IT infrastructure which actually converges all of the services an organisation needs. There are four unique IT services and features unified in a single platform which can be managed by any IT generalist:

1. Built-in Disaster Recovery

The HYPERSeries 3000 ships with a Disaster Recovery unit which allows the entire IT infrastructure to be restarted in as little as 15 minutes.

2. Native file services

Syneto hyperconverged solutions can natively share files to user over NFS, CIFS and AFP, removing the need for any extra file servers or software.

3. Always-on data protection

A host of data protection technologies inside Syneto hyperconverged solutions run 24/7, actively searching for and self-healing any corrupted data.

4. Improved application performance

A unique converged all-flash and hybrid data fabric allows important applications to run on SSDs while regular VMs use cost-effective hybrid storage.

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Not yesterday’s hyperconverged infrastructure

In and of itself, hyperconverged infrastructure is yesterday’s news. That is why we are taking hyperconvergence to the next level. We are now at a point in time where technology is sufficiently advanced that we can converge more than compute, networking and storage:

Converged all-flash & hybrid

In the traditional model, peak performance meant you had to go all-flash. On the other hand, if the budget was your main concern, hybrid storage was the way to go. What if you did not have to choose performance over economy?

With Syneto hyperconverged solutions you can have both. A high performance all-flash data pool for your most important business applications, and a budget-friendly hybrid pool for your less demanding virtual machines.

We call it Hybrid2(double-hybrid).

Converged disaster recovery

Unlike other hyperconverged products, Syneto hyperconverged solutions include advanced disaster recovery capabilities right out of the box. We designed our hyperconverged products to include secondary hyperconverged DR appliance on which the entire IT infrastructure can be restarted in case of a disaster.

There are no 3rd party backup software agents and applications to manage and absolutely no extra hardware required to achieve total infrastructure recovery in just 15 minutes.

Yes, you read that right.

Converged data protection

Because no amount of disaster recovery will keep your data protected from silent corruption, Syneto hyperconverged solutions are also equipped with an advanced array of data integrity technologies.

Every bit of data is checked and if some form of corruption is detected, the system automatically heals it.

No user intervention is required.