19 June 2014

A dive into filesystems – ZFS – part 1

I’m starting a series of posts about ZFS. I will try to provide as much as possible architectural diagrams and code examples. The series is for […]
3 June 2014

OpenZFS European Conference

On the 20th of May, this year, the first European Open ZFS conference was held in Paris. It was a great event and an absolute privilege […]
5 December 2013

High Availability Demo

One picture is worth a thousand words. One movie is worth a thousand pictures. That’s why we decided to show you how awesome and simple is […]
30 July 2013

The Depths of Software Defined Storage – An Infographic

Here’s an infographic which includes all there is to know about Syneto Storage. Take a look:
23 January 2013

Storage OS powered by Illumos vs. Linux. Which is better?

There’s a question which we’re often asked here at Syneto: Isn’t Storage OS powered with Illumos, with the ZFS filesystem comparable to a Linux powered storage […]