responding to change over following plans

Behind the Scene: Agile by Responding to Change (#7)

Reading time: 2 minutesThe forth principle of the Agile Manifesto tells us that we should value “Responding to change over following a plan”. This seems pretty strait forward, right? If a client wants a specific feature we implement it, if he wants something else, we do that too. It should be the perfect way to work. We are not subject to any plan, instead we just react to whatever changes the client wants. …

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Behind the Scene: How We Develop Storage OS (#1)

Reading time: 2 minutesCreating a storage product is certainly a challenging task. A storage array represents a synergy between hardware, software, and maintenance. Recently the story about how we develop our storage operating system, Storage OS, as a team and company, was published by the Agile Alliance on their website. Our Agile Experience Report is entitled “One Bug Per Month”. It showcases the story behind our development processes and their evolution.“One thing I …

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CraftConf 2014 – A Bright Sunshine in the Spring

Reading time: 7 minutesOne of the essential parts of our continuos learning process is to go to software conferences from time to time. The choices are quite scarce in this part of the world so we were extremely pleased to hear about CraftConf 2014 Budapest. Actually it was a wondering tweet, retweeted many times, before we finally saw it. However, opening the attached link was a big surprise. As we browsed the list …

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