Behind the Scene: The Art of Programming (#6)

Reading time: 1 minuteProgramming is many times referred to as an art form. While I do not completely share this vision, I can’t help but recognize an important aspect that is found both in programming and in art. Art is unselfish, benevolent. An artist crafts his piece to offer joy for others. He produces pleasure for the people observing or admiring the end result of his work. A team of programmers are like …

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Behind the Scene: Culture Shock (#3)

Reading time: 2 minutesBeing part of a long lasting cultural change process in a company has its advantages and disadvantages. As a company and as a team we started to introduce Agile in our culture about five years ago. The effects of such a big change are diverse, but here are two of the most important ones: On one hand, there were changes in the way we organize our work and collaborate with …

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