IT infrastructure

23 April 2024

Healthcare under attack

Cybersecurity at Risk The attack on Synlab is just the latest event highlighting the emergency situation in the healthcare. The healthcare sector is increasingly becoming the […]
18 April 2024

Digital Security in 2024

Between Challenges and Opportunities Towards Consolidated Investment Strategies in Cybersecurity The Scenario Recent comprehensive research on the trends of 2023 clearly highlights the growing threats of […]
5 March 2024

Artificial intelligence and data protection: challenges and opportunities.

What role is artificial intelligence taking on? In the last few years, artificial intelligence is revolutionising numerous sectors, and has a strong impact on the issue […]
2 February 2024

Beyond Zero Trust: an advanced approach to Cyber Security

Introduction In the previous article, we defined the key concepts revolving around the Zero Trust methodology. We came to the conclusion that 60 per cent of […]
20 December 2023

Zero Trust: the new data security paradigm

What is the Zero Trust Model Zero Trust is a security model that operates on the principle ‘never trust, always verify’. Unlike traditional approaches, which rely […]
6 November 2023

Cloud “Transformation” or Cloud “Repatriation” ?

Scenario and Key Factors In 2020, large enterprises accelerated the process of Cloud adoption due to the pandemic emergency, making it a true resilience lever.However, the […]
5 February 2019

HYPERSeries: the next generation

Change can be scary, but it is usually good. Especially if you choose to improve the products you offer to your clients. With the second generation […]
5 February 2019

HYPERSeries: the next generation

Cambiare può fare paura, ma solitamente è positivo. Specialmente se si sceglie di migliorare i prodotti da offrire ai propri clienti. Con la seconda generazione della […]
1 February 2019

New year, new HYPERSeries generation!

You need better IT. And so do we. That’s why we are constantly striving to improve our products. To achieve that, we have started the year […]