HYPERSeries: the next generation

Reading time: 3 minutesChange can be scary, but it is usually good. Especially if you choose to improve the products you offer to your clients. With the second generation of our HYPERSeries product range, we have taken a step further in serving the IT needs of small and medium datacentres. This article aims to give you more information on how our products’ hardware changes can help your business. The Syneto Data Management Platform 2018 …

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New year, new HYPERSeries generation!

Reading time: 2 minutesYou need better IT. And so do we. That’s why we are constantly striving to improve our products. To achieve that, we have started the year in full swing, by launching the second generation of our HYPERSeries product range. A new year, a new generation Last year have been a year of growth for us, as we have consolidated our market leadership in our native Italy. Our products have been …

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How to fit into the new digital economy – Syneto’s vision

Reading time: 3 minutesHave you ever been taken by surprise by new technology?! Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the rate at which technology is evolving?! Welcome to the 21st century! It’s not just you, things have changed. The digital economy in which we are living is different fro the economy in which we’ve grown up. The new way of life and business: the digital economy Technology is an integrated part of our …

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2018 in review: Syneto and the HYPERSeries

Reading time: 3 minutesWith 2019 around the corner, December offers a good time to have a look at everything the past year has brought. Just like 2017, 2018 has been a busy and exciting year and we’d like to share with you our biggest achievements: The improved HYPERSeries Following feedback received from our customers, we have managed to improve the HYPERSeries, so that it meets the real needs of our customers. After intensive …

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Size doesn’t matter: How to create big technologies for small and medium businesses

Reading time: 4 minutesTechnology is no longer a luxury, but a commodity. As we spend so much of our time connected to our laptops and our smartphones, technology has become an integrated part of our daily lives. The same of course is true for the lives of organisations: every organisation is dependent on various technologies to grow and conduct daily activities. But organisations come in all shapes and sizes and so does technology. …

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