7 benefits of choosing a private cloud solution

Reading time: 5 minutesLike any business today, small or large, you are managing a lot of data and applications. The size of IT infrastructures continues to grow along with the increasing digitalisation of all company workflows in any industry. This stark reality means that you need run all you application and store all that information somewhere. So what are your options? You can go for public cloud services (like those of Google or …

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4 steps to follow when choosing a hyper-converged infrastructure

Reading time: 5 minutesAre you considering a hyper-converged infrastructure? Here are some tips on how to deploy one: The way we do business is changing at a fast pace and technology is at the heart of these changes. With businesses needing to be more responsive and more adaptable to market needs, there is a great pressure on IT departments to step up their game and take a more proactive role within the organisation. …

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Hyper-converged vs. converged vs. traditional infrastructures: which one should you choose?

Reading time: 4 minutesTips on choosing the best architecture for your business Hyper-convergence is becoming a “hot” topic in the technical world. It has made a strong appearance in the industry and it is rapidly gaining popularity because of the numerous business needs it covers. According to a Gartner study, the hyper-converged market is projected to grow by 75% in 2016 and go “mainstream” in just a few years from now. A hyper-converged …

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Storage OS 3.0. The start of a new era

Reading time: 3 minutesAt the dawn of private clouds and hyper converged storage Syneto is proud to announce their latest operating system Storage OS 3.0. This software release, together with a new lineup of products is here to meet the ever growing need for modern storage solutions. Hyper converged solutions are rapidly adopted in a World where private clouds became an established technology. 2016 sees a spectacular interest for the hyper converged solutions …

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Hyper-converged storage for SMBs: A look at the future

Reading time: 5 minutesAt Syneto, it’s our mission to help organisations deal with the explosive growth of data. With the amount of data generated on the planet doubling every two years, we saw the opportunity to help the 99% of companies in the world who are SMBs deal with their data growth. So what do SMBs need when it comes to data? We answered this important question by pooling the knowledge we gained …

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