Forget endless manuals. The Syneto Academy is here!

Reading time: 2 minutesWhat if learning to use your storage array could be completely different? For decades, mastering the use of powerful technologies, like data storage arrays, has been a hard and complicated process. It’s time to say goodbye to the dark-ages of reading endless manuals and complex, time consuming searches which never really deliver the information you need. Because we were facing the same problems, we understand how precious your time is. …

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syneto storage os 2.15 released

Syneto Storage 2.15 released!

Reading time: 1 minuteWe have just released the latest version of Storage OS: 2.15. At the forefront of the data storage world, Storage OS changes the way you interact with data. This is why we are continuously improving it according to the changing necessities of data storage and our valued user’s feedback. This latest version upgrades and fixes so issues with our Server Virtualization solution with KVM integration, the High Availability solution and …

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Syneto Storage OS 2.14 Released

Reading time: 3 minutesSyneto Storage OS 2.14 is out. This release has been mainly focused on consolidating and improving existing features that make Syneto Storage OS so great, especially our converged storage solution for deploying and provisioning local virtual machines and virtual servers. Local Virtual Machines Syneto Storage OS 2.14 greatly improves the management of on-storage virtual machines by allowing multiple disk management for every VM. The management UI has been completely overhauled …

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