2 April 2015

Behind the Scene: The Right Tool for the Job – Multiple Language Development (#9)

In our previous blog post we have seen how each language in a multiple language development environment has its own culture and how this culture can […]
11 March 2015

Behind the Scene: Polyglot Programmer – Multiple Language Development (#8)

Most frequently, programming languages are compared to one of two things: spoken languages or professional tools. Today we will analyze the former, and make an analogy […]
21 February 2015

Behind the Scene: Agile by Responding to Change (#7)

The forth principle of the Agile Manifesto tells us that we should value “Responding to change over following a plan”. This seems pretty strait forward, right? […]
12 February 2015

Behind the Scene: Double Vision – Pair Programming (#5)

Two pair of eyes are always better than one; or so the saying goes. That being said, this post will discuss pair programming, which is still […]
29 January 2015

Behind the Scene: Culture Shock (#3)

Being part of a long lasting cultural change process in a company has its advantages and disadvantages. As a company and as a team we started […]
7 January 2015

Behind the Scene: How We Develop Storage OS (#1)

Creating a storage product is certainly a challenging task. A storage array represents a synergy between hardware, software, and maintenance. Recently the story about how we […]