Inspiring, versatile performance
for virtualisation and private clouds

Hybrid unified storage designed for mixed workloads

Productivity at its best

The ULTRA Series is built from get-go with performance in mind. By using the FlexPool technology with fast, flash-based read/write acceleration layers, the Ultra series offers huge performance boosts for applications in virtualised and private cloud environments, increasing your overall business productivity.

Unified with your VMware

The ULTRA Series is equipped with the VirtualUnity technology which allows complete integration with VMware infrastructures. This allows fast, incremental consolidated snapshots of any VMware virtual machine. This ensures always-consistent virtual machines and provides easy, one-click VM recovery.

Data integrity. Forever

Other storage systems guarantee that a data is not damaged but they won’t guarantee that it is the same data that was written. That’s why the Syneto ULTRA Series arrays incorporate advanced data safeguarding technologies like IntegriCheck. These measures prevent and actively fix inconsistencies and silent data corruption instances.

When downtime is not an option

Downtime is not an option when your storage hosts hundreds of virtual machines and countless gigabytes of data essential to your organisation. The ULTRA Series is equipped with the PowerCluster technology. With this technology, multiple Syneto storage arrays can be linked together to form a high availability cluster, allowing non-disruptive updates/upgrades without a single point of failure.

Truly unlimited scalability

With the ULTRA Series you can easily expand available storage space anytime you want by simply adding more drives. Scaling up storage space is done transparently and with no system downtime.

Disaster recovery made easy

Organisations are loosing billions every year due to missing backups for sensitive and important data. The InstaSnap technology inside the ULTRA Series allow instantaneous snapshots that can be incrementally replicated on/off site.