Unleash the power
of your VDIs and databases

All-flash storage for high performance workloads

Smooth VDI operations, all the way

VDIs generate a lot of random IO spikes. We created the EXTREME Series to seamlessly handle thousands of virtual desktops, the hundreds of thousands of IOPS and the varied workloads they generate every day.

All flash, all speed architecture

The EXTREME Series is a storage array capable of consistently delivering over 340k IOPS. High throughput and low latency results in a performance boost for server and desktop virtualization, databases, big data engines, private clouds and next-gen technical applications.

Flexible upgrades, modular growth

The EXTREME Series can be expanded painlessly with the FlexPool technology by simply adding bigger flash drives or JBOD expansions. Additionally, the VXClone technology allows you to instantly clone any virtual machine without any additional resource consumption.

Flash storage, made affordable

All-flash storage only makes sense with a low TCO. EXTREME arrays use Syneto’s SpaceBoost technology to enable live data reduction. This means in-line deduplication and compression allow you to store up to 5x more data in the same space, keeping TCO low.

Automated tasks, easy workdays

The EXTREME Series brings a new level of automation which transforms provisioning and management into very easy tasks. The user-friendly UI makes configuration a breeze and many processes can be scheduled to take place automatically. This mix of craftsmanship and unparalleled usability guarantees the EXTREME Series is the perfect recipe for any IO intensive deployments.