Setting the standards for true disaster recovery

The high density storage for backup and archive

Painless disaster recovery

The ARK Series is designed from the get-go to act as an on/off-site snapshot replication target. The SmartSnap data recovery technology inside the ARK Series allows enterprises and system administrators to recover their data from a disaster and be up and running in a matter of minutes, minimising the monetary loss.

Unlimited scalability

With the ARK Series you can easily expand available storage space anytime you want by simply adding more drives of JBOD expansion units. Scaling up storage space is done transparently and with no system downtime.

The space saving specialist

The ARK series includes the Syneto Space Boost suite of storage efficiency technologies. In-line compression and deduplication help squeeze up to 5x more data in the same amount of space. We dedup. and compress the data in-line, reducing the write times while improving IO efficiency. These measures increase the array’s performance by writing less data to disk at any given time.

Long term archiving

Retention policies and the demands os storing data for long stretches of time is what the ARK Series is built for. To ensure data stored on the ARK Series is reachable and usable over very long stretches of times, Syneto arrays incorporate advanced data safeguarding technologies. These measures prevent and actively fix inconsistencies and silent data corruption instances.

Simple and economical

The ARK Series is designed to reduce the two main types of IT costs: power, cooling and space costs on one side and management/manpower costs on the other. The high density hardware architecture ensures a small datacenter footprint while the reduced hardware size does not need a lot of maintenance.