It takes a smart storage to make a VMware datacenter

Every VMware datacenter begins with Syneto Storage, because the storage you choose is essential to your entire virtual infrastructure. Syneto Storage OS brings the power of ZFS data storage to your datacenter by fully integrating with VMware. When provisioning VMware virtual machines on Syneto Storage you benefit from all our Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Storage Efficiency feature sets. Syneto’s vSphere plug-in unifies and simplifies VMware virtual machines management and allows you to create, clone and expand data stores directly from the UI.

Learn how Agid, Data Storage Security, Marangoni Tyres, Conf. Industries, Sam Progetti, Picchi Machine Tools, LIC Packaging, BMZ Moulds, PTMT Textile Machinery and Antedata virtualized their datacenter with Syneto Storage.

Instant provisioning and scalability

Syneto’s VXClone technology instantly clones VMware datastores with no additional space required. Additional datastore space provisioning is done automatically, and expanding a LUN will expand its attached datastore.

Syneto’s Snapshot scheduling system is fully integrated with VMware via the Syneto vSphere plug-in. It automatically creates and consolidates fully consistent Snapshots of every VMware virtual machine present on a datastore.

Automatic VM consolidation

Variable block size

Virtual applications need many types of block sizes. With our VMware integration solution you can set the block size to match the VMware virtual application’s specific block size. This is achieved transparently, without any performance or space penalties.

The Syneto VMware integration solution can significantly increase your VM write speeds. Using dedicated write cache devices for sync. writes, we monitor incoming data and keep all the important information in a very fast SSD cache layer.

Virtual Storage Tiering

In-line Deduplication

Our shared storage solution for VMware uses In-line Deduplication to checksum all incoming data blocks and eliminate the blocks that already exist. Without duplicate blocks of data on your storage, all the extra space can be used by your virtual machines.