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About the Syneto Smart Working Solution

How does the Smart Work solution function?

Users and IT managers can use any device with a browser to connect to the cloud services platform. Security is provided through powerful encryption and 2FA (two-factor authentication). CENTRAL, the cloud service platform, provides centralized appliance and user management as well as granular access permissions. The on-premise infrastructure is in constant communication with CENTRAL and provides hyperconverged virtualization, storage and data protection services.

Benefits of the Syneto Smart Working solution

Cloud platform benefits

Simple management

1-click user management, access permission management and distribution of VPN configuration.

Any device. Any OS

Users and IT managers can access the cloud services platform using any device with a browser.

2FA authentication

Two-factor authentication required to connect both to the cloud platform and the secure VPN.

Advanced security

Auto-generated configurations and passwords as well as unbreakable 2048-bit securiti keys.

On-premise benefits

Instant backups

All on-premise data and virtual applications benefit from automatic instant backups.

Recovery in seconds

Any on-premise file or virtual application can be recovered from backups in seconds

RPO: 1 min. RTO: 15 min.

Predictable recovery points and restore times for any file or virtual application.

Ransomware immunity

Complete immunity: any data or application is restored to a point-in-time before the infection.

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