Bringing virtual servers to life

Syneto’s server virtualization solution combines computing and storage in a single entity. It lowers your total cost of ownership by virtualising your in house physical servers such as Active Directory, Databases, Email, PDM and Windows/Linux servers and eliminating the need for separate hardware resources.

Next generation hypervisor

Syneto Storage OS uses KVM which allows turning the operating system kernel into a hypervisor itself. This allows effective scheduling, shorter I/O paths and no performance penalties. KVM is an open-source technology supported by large organisations and provides a cost effective, scalable and secure alternative to other hypervisors.

By using it’s storage tiering mechanisms Syneto Storage OS provides fast read/write caches that can greatly improve the performance of any virtual machine. On-line compression brings additional performance benefits by reducing the IO size through the channel thus providing faster disk reads/writes for local virtual machines.

Fast virtual machines

Easy virtual machine cloning

Syneto’s VXClone technology allows you to instantly clone and deploy other virtual machines without additional space overhead. Using Storage OS’s copy-on-write filesystem architecture it allows virtual machine to share any unchanged data blocks.

All on-appliance virtual machines benefit from a seamless integration with all the disaster recovery features on Syneto Storage OS. Snapshots for virtual machines can be created instantaneously, replicated incrementally or scheduled with the retention policy of your choice.

Disaster recovery ready