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Solution brief: Complying with GDPR: what you need to know

What should your organisation know about GDPR? How can the right infrastructure help you comply with GDPR? This paper tackles these questions while detailing possible solutions.

How the right IT infrastructure can help you comply with the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been enforced starting May 2018. All companies that manage data belonging to European citizens will have to oblige, regardless if they are based in Europe or not. Read our solution brief to learn more!

About this solution brief:

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Length: 4 pages

Key points:

  1. What is the GDPR and why is it necessary?
  2. What changes should you be aware of?
  3. How could not complying with GDPR affect you?
  4. How can a Syneto solution help?
  5. GDPR provisions and how Syneto helps you comply

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