HYPERSeries 2000

HYPERSeries 3000

The HYPERSeries is a hyperconverged infrastructure product, with hybrid or all-flash capacity options, as well as built-in disaster recovery capabilities. The product has two components:

a. The primary production unit/units
This is where applications, services, and local automatic backups run under normal circumstances.

b. The secondary DR unit
This is where backups can be retrieved from or applications restarted in the event of a disaster.

HYPER 2100 – Hybrid

Target: Small business

Workload: 7 medium VMs*

$ Price leader

HYPER 3100 – Hybrid

Target: Small business

Workload: 24 medium VMs*

$/+ Best workload/price ratio

HYPER 3200 – Hybrid

Target: Medium business

Workload: 48 medium VMs*

+ Improved workload

HYPER 3200 – Hybrid2

Target: Medium business

Workload: 48 medium VMs*

>/+ Best performance/workload ratio

HYPER 3200 – All-flash

Target: Medium business

Workload: 48 medium VMs*

>>/++ Performance/workload leader

*Industry standard (e.g VMware, Openstack) virtual machine sizing defines a medium VM as having CPU: 933 MHz; No. of vCPUs: 2; RAM: 4GB; Capacity: 105GB

Flexible performance

In our philosophy, to achieve peak performance both pure data access speed, as well as efficient capital expenditure are required. That is why the HYPERSeries is available in two configurations, which perfectly balance economy and performance:

The Hybrid option contains both regular HDDs as well as SSDs. They are combined into a single data pool which can be used to run typical virtual server workloads like e-mail and domain servers.

The Hybrid2 (double-hybrid) option contains an additional, separate all-flash data pool which can be used to run high performance virtual applications like databases and ERP servers.

Built-in instant disaster recovery

The HYPERSeries ships with built-in Disaster Recovery capabilities: a primary production unit on which up to 1440 local backup can be created automatically and a dedicated DR unit which receives automatic data backups from the primary unit.

This allows you restart the entire IT infrastructure, in just 15 minutes. It offers full recoverability of all your data and applications, with no 3rd party backup software or other services required. A genuine self-protecting hyperconverged IT infrastructure:

DR Play: If the primary unit is experiencing downtime, you can restart all of your IT infrastructure on the secondary DR unit, within 15 minutes of the downtime incident.

RTO: 15 minutes | RPO: 1 minute

Applications and files in a single infrastructure

The HYPERSeries can host all of your applications, and store all of your files, at the same time.

Instead of investing in a separate file storage infrastructure, the HYPERSeries can store and share all your Windows, Linux or Mac files with ease.

The files stored on the HYPERSeries benefit from the same range of data safety, efficiency and Disaster Recovery features as your applications.

Key features

All Syneto products share a unique set of key features. These technologies are the secret behind our ability to offer unprecedented performance, flexibility, transparency, security and protection.

Flexible performance
All-flash and hybrid data pools in a single product.

Data protection
Multi-layered data protection: at HDD, file and application level.

Integrity checks
Always-on data integrity monitoring and automatic self-healing.

Infrastructure analytics
Granular, configurable and long-term analytics for the entire infrastructure.

Backup and replication
Incremental, consistent VM and file backups with on/off-site replication.

Hypervisor integration
VMware integration with vSphere plug-in over API.

HYPERSeries feature comparison chart

Due to the different requirments between small and medium businesses in terms of scalability and features, the HYPERSeries 2000 and HYPERSeries 3000 also have several important differences between them:

hyper series comparison chart

HYPERSeries 2000 technical specifications

HYPERSeries 3000 technical specifications