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What is CENTRAL?

CENTRAL is a SaaS, cloud-native, software platform which is deisgned to deliver enterprise cloud services to business users. It uses the latest usability and security features to provide a simple, fast and secure hybrid cloud experience.

Journey to the hybrid cloud

91% of companies believe hybrid cloud is the best IT model for their business. Our approach to building a hybrid cloud brings together the on-premise services of our Hyperconverged Data Management Platform with the powerful cloud services of Syneto Central.


Because it provides a centralized management space for services which help with the most common IT infrastructure challenges: global visibility/management of IT resources and protecting your data anytime, anywhere.

Simple deployment, management and maintenance

Services can be delpoyed and managed in seconds from a single, easy to use orchestration space.

Maintenance? What maintenance? With a software-defined architecture and SaaS model, updates and data protection is automated.

Secure access and granular user permission control

Two-factor authetication required for all login and connections are encrypted with 2048-bit keys and default PFS.

You decide who has access: user management is granular according to service, location and instance.

Always on: accesible from anywhere, at any time

As a cloud service, Central can be accessed from any platform and any OS. All that's needed is a browser.

For smart working users, Central can act as a hub to allow remote access to on-premise application and data.

Control services you want, when you want.

You decide which services to use and for how long. Central services can be enabled and disabled with asingle click.

Save money: no additional dedicated hardware needed when using a cloud service to manage remote connections, virtual or desktops.


Experience the power of simplicity, speed and security!

Start your journey to the hybrid cloud with a hands-on feel for the simplicity of Syneto CENTRAL in a 30 minute "live" demo!