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HYPERSeries 2000

HYPERSeries 3000

Taking hyperconverged infrastructure
to the next level

The HYPERSeries is specifically designed to fit the needs and solve the challenges of small/medium enterprise datacenters, SMBs and remote/branch offices. It combines virtualised applications, disaster recovery and file services in a single, easy to use 3U platform.

Peak performance

Applications running on the HYPERSeries perform 5 to 20 times faster when compared to virtual machines deployed in a traditional infrastructure. The technology inside the HYPERSeries ensures up to 90% of an application’s data, is served at nanosecond speed directly from the RAM memory.

Heavy flash caching for fast data access which improves application speed.

Hypervisor passthrough and built-in 10Gbit connection between storage and VMs.

All flash storage for the most demanding business workloads.

Back to business in 15 minutes

Sometimes, bad things happen and when they do, you want to get back up and running fast. The integrated Disaster Recovery of the HYPERSeries allows you to restart your entire IT infrastructure, on the secondary DR appliance, in just 15 minutes.

Backups of your application data as well as files, are replicated to the secondary appliance every minute, so you never lose more than 60 seconds worth of your valuable work. The HYPERSeries DR unit can be located either on premises or off-site. This ensures an extra level of protection, as both units cannot be affected by the same disaster.Because we know business agility is key, files can be restored from local backups instantaneously.

Always-on data protection

Compared to traditional IT infrastructures, data corruption is something you will never have to worry about. With the HYPERSeries, advanced self-healing technologies find and repair corrupted data automatically.

Up to 1440 automatic backups every day for every application, with just 0.1% space usage.

Application backups are always fully consistent and their creation only takes 1 second.

Self-healing technologies automatically prevent any kind of data corruption from occurring.