Software Update

June 1, 2012     Print
Note: This feature requires Maintenance License.

Update using Web interface

If there is an update available and the storage knows about it, it will be visible in the footer:

These are the steps required to update your Storage to a newer version from Web Interface:

  1. Login and navigate to Settings page (right side of the footer).
  2. If you don’t need to use a http proxy to access Internet go to step 3, otherwise configure your proxy by setting it on the Network page (In the Basic network configuration section): 2.16-basic-network-configuration
  3. Check for updates by clicking on the Check now button. Enabling the automatic check for updates will periodically check for new software version and inform administrators if notifications are enabled.
  4. If a new version is available an update link will be displayed near the Check now button. 2.16-software-update
  5. Click the New version available link.
  6. Click the Download & install button.

At this point your storage is updating to the new software version. After the update is complete you will need to login again.

Update using CLI

These are the steps required to update your Storage to a newer version from CLI:
1.Check for new updates by issuing the following command: firmware check.

2. If a new version is available update your system by running: firmware update. You will be informed with the current status of the update process.

To view current software version use: firmware show.