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Silca Group implements disaster recovery strategy totalling 150TB of data with Syneto.


Key systems and blanks manufacturer


Solution provider

The Challenge

Silca is a leading European manufacturer of key blanks and key-cutting machines. They needed to Replace a cumbersome and slow legacy IT infrastructure that required constant attention.

With more than 400 employees and present in over 60 countries, Silca needed a data backup and recovery solution that could handle the company’s strong growth trajectory.

The Objective

Silca produces a range of over 66,000 types of key blanks and designs a wide range of cutting machines and accessories. It therefore needs to store over 150 TB of data and have 24/7 access to it. 

The Silca team required a scalable and reliable IT solution to ensure high data availability through a DR strategy to reduce the risk and duration of downtime and data loss.  Moreover, the team wished to improve the overall performance of its production data workloads, consolidate its servers through virtualisation and implement a DR strategy.

The Solution

Syneto implemented two ULTRA Series 420 arrays, each with a 4TB SSD cache. The first, a 75TB array, was deployed as primary storage supporting more than 100 virtual production-critical servers. The second, a 50TB system, was deployed approximately 300 metres away from the main datacentre, as a backup target.

Data replication is provided by Syneto’s InstaSnap technology, which takes hourly point-in-time data snapshots to backup data between the two systems. The InstaSnap and VirtualUnity technologies work in concert to create backups of virtual servers without the need for specialised backup software. This feature saves Silca thousands of euros in backup software licenses, while Syneto’s IntregriCheck technology ensures long-term data consistency. The ULTRA Series arrays, which can be easily scaled-out with the addition of JBODs, are connected to four VMware ESX host machines and rely on Syneto’s VirtualUnity technology for fast and easy VMware integration and virtual machine management.


“Syneto’s ULTRA arrays have integrated faultlessly with our VMware technology. They take little time and effort to manage and the performance, reliability and scalability they offer are above anything else we looked at. We are more confident than ever that our data is secure. Syneto has made an enormous difference to our company.”

Nicola Ponchia, Divisional Information Officer, Silca

Silca VMware storage case study in PDF format