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Serioplast deploys 22 hyper-converged ULTRASeries arrays and cuts IT spending and infrastructure administration times by 50%.


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About Serioplast

Serioplast has been manufacturing customized rigid plastic bottles for the major multinational brands since 1974.It is part of the Old Mill Holding, which counts 20 factories in 12 countries and has closed 2015 with a turnover of 285 million Euros.

The Challenge

Replacing a disparate and resource-intensive storage infrastructure to meet the needs of Serioplast’s growing business. With 1,100+ employees in 12 countries, Serioplast required 24/7, company-wide data access. The company needed to replace old hardware at each location with new uniform and robust storage also offering disaster recovery.

The Objective

The Serioplast team wanted a single vendor to consolidate its diverse storage and server infrastructure as well as improve file sharing and overall IT performance through virtualisation. The new disaster recovery system would need to replicate data from the branch offices to the HQ to ensure business continuity and reduce downtime should a remote office experience an outage of any kind.

The Solution

A Syneto system comprising of 22 ULTRA Series arrays was implemented. This meant that all of the files and VMs that were previously running on dozens of separate file, application and backup servers in the branch offices and the HQ were consolidated with Syneto’s ULTRA Series arrays. This included two hyper-converged ULTRA Series 220 arrays in the head office that replicate data between them for business continuity, while the other 20 hyper-converged ULTRA Series 205 in the branch offices replicate data snapshots to the arrays at the HQ for safety and continued access in case of a disaster.

Syneto’s solution has already lead Serioplast’s IT management to making significant time savings as the team is now managing just 22 hyper-converged platforms as opposed to 65 servers. In addition, instead of having to licence, upgrade and pay maintenance for separate file, application and backup servers, Serioplast now only has to upgrade and maintain 22 Syneto hyper-converged ULTRA Series arrays which is also a major saving in both time and money.


“Syneto has not only made our IT infrastructure seamless, easier to manage and faster and more robust, we have also seen an important 25% reduction in licensing costs and a 35% reduction in the server management times. Syneto has given us the best solution to take our business forward. We looked at comparable products in the market but Syneto’s was by far the best for us.”

Giancarlo Andreoli, IT Manager Serioplast

Serioplast hyper-converged case study in PDF format