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Journey to the hybrid cloud

91% of companies believe hybrid cloud is the best IT model for their business. Our approach to building a hybrid cloud brings together the on-premise services of our Hyperconverged Data Management Platform with the powerful cloud services of Syneto Central.


CENTRAL Services

At launch, CENTRAL offers two distinct services which improve data availability and global visibility for the Syneto Hyperconverged Data Management Platform:

SerenITy Support Service

SERENITY* is our pro-active support service. It simplifies and accelerates the resolution of technical issues, offers a personalized support experience and intelligently monitors any of your Syneto solutions.

SerenITy Support Service Image

Simplified support experience

Critical alerts on your Syneto automatically open a ticket. Syneto support engineers can reach out proactively and start working on the problem right away based on existing diagnostic system data.

Accelerated resolution times

With SerenITy, issues are resolved 40% faster. The service monitors and analyzes system data to proactively identify issues. Support engineers can solve them even before they become a threat to your infrastructure.

Protected data collection:

SerenITy collects key diagnostic system data from your Syneto to allow simple and fast resolution. This diagnostic data contains no personal information or credentials and it is maintained in a secure Syneto environment.

* SERENITY is available as an add-on service for the Pro. support package and is included in the Mission critical package

SerenITy datasheet

Fleet Management Service

The challenge of the future is managing multiple sites, appliances and services. The Fleet Management Service solves this by acting as a central nexus for all your Syneto appliances and services.

Fleet Management Service Image

Global view of all Syneto units and services

The Fleet Management Service displays all of your registered Syneto units and services in a single, intuitive UI, allowing you to get an at-a-glance view of your entire Syneto ecosystem for easy management.

At-a-glance view of maintenance/support status

With the Fleet Management service you can view the type, status and expiry date of maintenance and support license for all of your deployed Syneto platforms, simplifying the management of service liscenses.

Maintenance status alerts and notifications

Get notified on the status and expiry date of your maintenance and support services for every registered Syneto product, ensuring your infrastructure is always protected from unforseen hardware and software issues.

View and download product-specific documents

To simplify and accelerate your access to product-specific knowledge, the Fleet Management Service allows you to quickly and easily download product documentation, like the user manual, for all of your registered Syneto products.


Start your journey to the hybrid cloud

Experience the cloud services of Syneto CENTRAL for yourself in a "live" demo!

HYPERSeries interface demo