There are many challenges on the road to creating the most user-friendly and feature-packed data storage system. At Syneto, every new release brings us closer to this ultimate goal. In this article we’ll be talking about the latest features we’ve added.

Smooth-talk aside, here’s the juicy stuff:

Asynchronous destroy of folders, virtual disks and backups

Building on the strong usability of Syneto Storage, we’ve created a transparent way of “destroying” folders, virtual disks and backups in the background. This asynchronous method means you can still perform management tasks while this process is ongoing.

Replacing a failed disk in a pool can be done from web interface

A disk failure usually means tons of works for any administrator. With this new version, the amount of tasks required to mend this issue has been reduced to a minimum. You can now replace the faulty drive physically and easily select is as a replacement from the interface.

Convert virtual disks from thin provisioning to thick provisioning and back

The efficiency of your data storage is always one of our top priorities. Usually storing data more efficiently means cutting back on the flexibility. Not any more! Virtual disks on Syneto Storage can now be converted to and from Thin Provisioning without any hassle.

Replication keys description can be configured

This latest version also includes a new feature for replication. We have added a description option to every replication key so you can tell where the data belongs at a glance.

Admin can delete expired licenses that generate notifications

Old licenses can sometimes turn out to be a nuisance with prompting you with notifications about their passed expiration dates. You can now delete these expired license in just a few clicks.

A cleanup to prevent running out of free space on system pool

We think the point of every storage system is to make data administration easier and safer. That’s why we’ve version 2.9 contains this new feature that cleans up old system installations and safeguards the system pool from running out of space. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

What’s been fixed?

  • We’ve fixed an issue with a few ESXi basic licenses that didn’t display correctly as Enterprise instead of Small Business
  • An issue that required a new login after a license has been loaded to access formerly locked features.
  • Hourly back-ups will not be sent when only daily ones are configured

Download Syneto Storage OS for free from our download section. You can use this fully featured version for free up to 1TB of managed space.