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Syneto HYPER Edge: the new jewel of the Syneto family


The world of business is not only made up of technology giants. Most companies out there are small and medium businesses which satisfy the needs of a wide range of clients. And given that these companies serve their clients, they also need a partner who can satisfy their IT needs. In today’s digital economy, each company should be able to have access to a reliable IT solution. Syneto has taken on the mission of offering enterprise-level technology to these small and medium businesses. To better serve the needs of this market, we’ve launched Syneto HYPER Edge. 


What is Syneto HYPER Edge?

HYPER Edge is a small datacenter “in a box”, designed to manage data in an “EDGE” environment. It’s a revolutionary solution because it brings the power of a large data center in “a box” as big as three smartphones. As the name suggests, HYPER Edge is ideal for remote locations, retail chains, small companies, remote offices, and EDGE environments in general

In addition to the advantages offered by all Syneto products, HYPER Edge also offers:

  • maximum volume efficiency, with always active data compression which offers two times as much space
  • a CPU up to 4.7 GHz able to accelerate crucial applications for the company
  • low energy use


Powered by SynetoOS, the simplest hyperconvergent software in the world

The power is all in the software. HYPER Edge is powered by SynetoOS, our proprietary operating system, which was designed specifically for hyperconvergent devices. 

Thanks to SynetoOS, HYPER Edge offers:

  • a simple single interface
  • simple and quick installation: plug & play in only 10 minutes
  • simple, fast management: through 1-click management
  • data protection thanks to a maximum of 1440 backups per day
  • data protection through immunity to ransomware: it’s possible to recover all data from the moment immediately preceding an attack
  • Disaster Recovery in only 15 minutes after a downtime incident



HYPER Edge Resources:

Do you manage a small business, a law office, a pharmacy, a small design office, or do you work with this type of company? Discover how you can benefit from Syneto HYPER Edge by setting up a demo below:

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