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Farmaceutical group Valpharma find the right medicine for its IT in a Syneto Solution


When choosing a new IT solution, simplicity and efficiency are very important aspects. Valpharma has chosen a Syneto solution that is simple, easy to manage, but also offers reliable data protection.


Find out more about Valpharma and their IT choice, by watching our dedicated video case study:


About Valpharma

Valpharma is a leader in the sector of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, specializing in solid oral dosage medicines and nutraceuticals. The company’s production plants are authorized to manufacture powders, granulates, film-coated and not film-coated tablets, microspheres (pellets); these are either provided in bulk or dosed in hard gelatin capsules. Since 2020, production has been expanded with the manufacturing of medical devices, hand sanitizers, and complementary feeds for the veterinary field.


Why Syneto?

Valpharma needed a new IT solution that would ensure data integrity and security, while also offering fast and predictable Disaster Recovery. The solution provided by Syneto managed to cover all these needs.

“Our collaboration with Syneto was very important and interesting. Through the synergy created in our companies, we are always trying to increase the quality of our operational processes”, explains – Alessia Varducci – CEO, Valpharma Group

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