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Customer success story: BT Group puts security threats in the shade with a Syneto solution 


Ensuring an asset such as data is protected is fundamental for all modern businesses. BT Group has found this much-needed data protection in a fast and simple Syneto solution.


Find out more about BT Group and their IT choice, by watching our dedicated video case study:


About BT Group

BT Group is a leading Italian manufacturer of awnings and pergolas. Started as a family business, BT Group takes the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship to create custom products that serve their customers’ needs. This powerful „made in Italy” brand is powered by the dedication and skills of the team behind it.


Why Syneto?

In the words of BT Group’s IT manager, Alberto Radaeli, Syneto „has offered us an <<all-in-one>> system, that integrates everything we need from an IT perspective in a single solution.”

Stefano Mauri, founding partner of SM Informatica, adds: “In a modern economy, data represents one of the main assets of a company. That is a reason why it always needs to be protected and accessible. Syneto has given us the ability to provide the client with a technological solution specifically designed to respond to this need.”

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