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Cybersecurity for SMBs – trend or real need?


Pictures, emails, databases, lines of code – what do these have in common? They all represent data. And in the year 2020, data is something that needs security and protection. Cybersecurity aims to achieve that. But who needs cybersecurity and why?


What is cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity aims to protect devices and data from malicious digital attacks. It represents a mix of tools, services, and processes that ensure the security of devices and data. It is not just a trend, but a necessity for anybody connected to technology in our modern times. 

Unfortunately, as organisations and individuals alike are so connected by technology, no-one is completely safe. All technology users can be victims of digital attacks. For organisations, in particular, ensuring data security is a pressing matter. In today’s digital economy, data is a vital asset – losing data often involves losing intellectual property, customer data, and customer confidence, but also money and credibility. 


4 levels of cybersecurity

Who needs cybersecurity? Truth be told, we all do. But let’s have a look at the various levels at which cybersecurity can be helpful: 


Governments: They can of course be victims of cyber attacks, as attacks targeted at governments can disrupt economies and political systems. Cyberwarfare, or the use of modern technology to attack a nation, is considered the 5th global war field. It is also believed to be the only one capable of having a greater impact than all the others. 

Big enterprises: Because of their notoriety, popularity, and economic power, big enterprises are often targets of cyberattacks. Famous examples include: 

  • LinkedIn – 117+ million users login details got leaked in June, 2012;
  • Yahoo – 500+ million users data got leaked in June 2016;
  • Marriot – a ransomware attack affected the reservations system in November 2018;
  • Etc. 

SMBs: Even though they may seem unlikely targets, 43% of cyber-attacks are targeted at SMBs – that represents 1 attack taking place every 38 seconds.

Individuals: Theyare the most exposed targets, as they usually do not have any protection systems in place. Public figures are the most exposed, but nobody is really safe.


Why do SMBs need cybersecurity?

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, in 2019, 43% of breach victims were small and medium businesses. SMBs are more threatened by cyberattacks, as they often appear to be easier targets. Their data is just as valuable for the business as in the case of other organisations, but their investments in security are often not at the same level. 

Another report, by the Ponemon Institute, has shown that roughly two-thirds of the world’s SMBs are now experiencing cyber attacks. At the same time, 45% still feel that their security measures are “ineffective” and 39% do not have an incident response plan in place.

This lack of security awareness can turn SMBs into easy targets for cybercriminals. Moreover, it seems that the number of such attacks on small and medium businesses has been steadily on the rise. 


The Syneto Cybersecurity Division

Syneto has been dedicated to helping customers ensure their data is protected in case of any disaster. But since we believe that prevention may at times be more useful than the cure, we have taken our mission one step further with our latest division: cybersecurity. Read more about the Syneto Cybersecurity division and the services it offers, here

You can also read more about two current services, Security Audit and Security Scan, by reading our services’ datasheets: