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What is Cybersecurity? – Syneto Vocabulary


When it comes to ensuring data protection, prevention is an important part of the process. As data is one of the most assets of a company, it needs to be protected from potential threats. And that is where cybersecurity comes in.


What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computers, servers, networks, and all types of data from malicious digital attacks. It involves a set of tools, activities, technologies, and training, that can protect networks and devices from cyber attacks.

These attacks are usually aimed at accessing, altering, or destroying data. Cyberattacks can be targeted at large and small organisations, governments, or even individuals. Most devices and systems have some vulnerabilities that, when exploited, can negatively impact the well-being of an organization. This can involve loss of customer trust (through the exposure of sensitive data), loss of money (due to lack of business activity), extorting money from users and organisations (ransomware), etc.

That is why cybersecurity is of interest to any kind of entity that owns important data. Implementing efficient cybersecurity measures can be very challenging today, as we all rely heavily on technology and attacks are getting more and more complex every day. However, when it comes to implementing cybersecurity measures, an orgnisation has to keep technology in mind, but also the people and the processes behind business operations.

The Syneto Cybersecurity Division

We believe that, when it comes to data protection, prevention is as necessary as having the right data recovery mechanisms in place. That is why we have launched the Syneto Cybersecurity Division, which offers Cybersecurity services designed to prevent loss of data in case of cybersecurity breaches. Find out more, in our dedicated blog post.