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Expanding to new horizons: the 3rd HYPERSeries generation

Moving forward is important. Technology evolves at a rapid pace and you don’t want to be left behind. Neither do we. That is why we are constantly working on improving our products. This work has helped us develop our 3rd HYPERSeries generation – a faster and more powerful one.

Great feedback calls for great actions

When developing or improving products, we look for both external and internal feedback. The 3rd HYPERSeries generation has been developed with all this feedback gathered from our team, our partners and our customers:

“It would be nice to have a more powerful HYPERSeries 2000 product…”
“It would better if the HYPERSeries 2000 was quieter…”
“It would be useful if the HYPERSeries 3100 had a Hybrid2 option… ”
“It would be interesting to have an entry-level all-flash product at a reasonable price…”


“3” is a magic number

How did we put all this feedback into action? When developing the third generation architecture for our hyperconverged data management platform, we have focused on 3 main aspects:

  1. The possibility of running primary workloads on flash storage.
  2. Integrate Intel’s latest processor generation: CascadeLake, which offers more power.
  3. Use high-density disks, that offer more space.

Introducing the 3rd HYPERSeries generation

Our HYPERSeries data management platform has been designed with the IT needs of small and medium businesses in mind. With its third generation, we have worked even harder to meet all these needs, while using next-generation hardware components.

Lets’ see what has changed:

The HYPERSeries 2000

This solution is a perfect fit for small businesses and ROBO scenarios. With its 3rd generation architecture, the HYPERSeries 2000 is now less noisy (an ideal feature for small businesses and small offices), more powerful thanks to the new CPUs and has 100% more RAM for running VMs.


A new addition to the family: the HYPERSeries 2124.

This is an all-flash solution designed for the needs of small businesses that also need performance.


The HYPERSeries 3000

This solution functions perfectly as a private cloud but is also a good fit for file management purposes, virtual infrastructure, backup, and recovery.

The 3rd generation architecture of the HYPERSeries 3000 offers more powerful CPUs, more RAM, but also a 10 Gbit network card.

The HYPERSeries 3100 – 3rd generation architecture


The HYPERSeries 3200 – 3rd generation architecture


HYPERSeries 4000, a new solution for performance-demanding applications.

Until now, the HYPERSeries product range has felt somehow incomplete. While the solutions covered most customer use-cases, there was no solution dedicated specifically to small and medium businesses that also run demanding applications.

The HYPERSeries 4000 is here to respond to that need: it is an all-flash solution perfect for high IOPS, that at the same time offers more storage. These features make it a good match for performance-demanding applications, like high-performance databases.


Hardware, software + support = a complete solution

The 3rd generation of our hyperconverged data management platform would not have been complete without appropriate, powerful software. SynetoOS 4.5, our latest OS release, helps you take advantage of the products’ new architecture. But Syneto products have another relevant component: the support services.Read more about SynetoOS 4.5 or about our Support Services, here:

The new SynetoOS 4.5 Syneto Support Services

The combination of powerful hardware, reliable software, and dedicated support services is what makes the Syneto data management platform a reliable and competitive solution.