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Your data is probably stored and managed on some kind of cloud architecture. Is this a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud? What is the difference? If you are confused about these cloud-related terms, don’t worry – our Syneto Vocabulary covers them. This article talks about what the public cloud is.


What is a public cloud?

A public cloud is a type of cloud architecture that is offered by third-party providers over the public internet. In this scenario, a cloud service provider offers computing services that are available to organisations and individuals who want to use or purchase them. This provider is essentially a vendor who provides virtual computer resources to several clients.

In the case of a private cloud, an organisation uses a dedicated IT infrastructure. On the other hand, in a public cloud all hardware, software, and the supporting infrastructure are owned and managed by the cloud owner; the IT resources are shared by several companies and / or organisations. The most famous public cloud providers include Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud.


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