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The end of the year is almost here – and 2019 happened so fast! It’s been another busy and amazing year for our team. From launching new products, to helping our customers understand how they can solve their IT challenges – we have been involved in many intense and rewarding activities. But there’s always room for improvement. And to be able to improve in 2020, we thought we’d first have a look at what 2019 looked like.

Syneto Vocabulary: IT words made simple

The world of IT is fascinating. But it can also feel a bit daunting at first.Hyperconvergence, data protection, RTO, RPO, primary data, secondary data – these are not just words, but concepts relevant to today’s business world. But what do all these words really mean?

Because we want to simplify IT – including the vocabulary it involves – we have introduced a new category on our blog this year: Syneto Vocabulary. This is where we try to simplify IT vocabulary, with regular posts about relevant IT terms. You can find all the words in our Syneto Vocabulary, on our blog.

New year, new and improved products

2019 has been a busy year for our products too. Following our customers’ feedback, at the beginning of the year we have developed and successfully launched the second generation of our HYPERSeries product range.

And because nowadays powerful IT products are generally powered by powerful software, our SynetoOS has also received several improvements. In fact, it has turned 4.4 this year. SynetoOS 4.4 is now “faster than any disaster” and supporting our mission to simplify, accelerate and protect IT operations.

We have also launched Syneto CENTRAL, which offers cloud services meant to complete our existing product range. Currently, Syneto CENTRAL offers two main services:

We plan to develop this list of services in the near future and we promise to keep you posted…

New year, new challenges

We love a good challenge. We believe that you cannot grow and innovate successfully without overcoming challenges. And because we know our partners are ambitious and results-driven, we have launched the Syneto Channel Challenge, our non-traditional partner program.

We have been joined by many partners in this Challenge and we are confident that we will take the challenges further in 2020. In case you would like to join our Challenge as a partner, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Work is better with friends

Our team has attended numerous events this year, either together with our partners or our customers. Each event has been special and we are grateful for attending all of them.

To celebrate all these valued relationships, we have also organized another edition of our yearly event @TheEdge. Read more about the event, here. This year we have been joined by astronaut and engineer Paolo Nespoli, who has shared his philosophy about overcoming challenges with us. And this is a philosophy that we truly wish to embrace!

And speaking of friends, Syneto is very happy to now be an official sponsor for Brescia Calcio – we love playing in the A-series!

Looking towards the future: the growing importance of saving data

Syneto believes in a world where all companies can easily protect and efficiently use their data. But why do we believe so firmly in this mission? Because data is the new oil. It is a new currency and its value will continue to grow in the future. There is already a great amount of data out there and the numbers are rising continuously. We believe that the businesses that protect their data today are the businesses that will innovate tomorrow. And we plan to be there to help them in 2020 too.