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We all know that data is important and that it fuels big projects and organisations. But many of us don’t realize just how much data is out there, how it is generated and how it can be used. That is why we’ve had a look at how much data we, as humankind, are generating and at how important this data is to our economy.

The digital economy is fueled by data

The use of natural resources had marked the industrial revolution. But we are now witnessing a digital revolution, that is fueled by something else: data. The amount of data out there is growing year over year. Out of all this data, few have been analyzed. But that is about to change. As smart companies become aware of how they can use data, they are dedicating more time and effort into saving and analyzing it.

To highlight the importance of this data, we have gathered some data growth statistics, together with some predictions for the future. The future is around the corner, so we will soon find out…


So what? How can I use this data?

Do you remember the days when oil was the world’s most valuable resource? That’s right, those days are long gone. The smart businesses of the 21st century will not invest in oil or gold or hard currency. It will invest in data, as data can be used to fuel various industries, from smart agriculture to industry 4.0, smart cities or any kind of AI.

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