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Different businesses have different needs when it comes to IT. Syneto solutions have been designed to fit the needs of businesses in various industries – from manufacturing to education, healthcare and more. This article takes a look at the IT needs of the healthcare sector, as well as how two of our customers have solved their IT challenges with the help of a Syneto solution.

What IT challenges do healthcare organisations face?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need their IT to perform at its best for a given workload while offering at least some protection for the company’s data. When it comes to organisations in the healthcare sector (be it healthcare manufacturing or services), we have identified the following industry-specific challenges:

  • Complying with regulatory requirements: Organisations that operate in the medical field usually need to meet several regulatory requirements concerning data privacy and protection, especially when it comes to patient or research data.
  • Ensuring data protection and Disaster Recovery: Organisations need to ensure both the protection of patient or customer data and the company’s intellectual property or project data. This data should be easily recovered in case of any negative events.
  • Software virtualization: Industry-specific software is also essential for the functioning of such organisations and needs to be used safely and efficiently; the generated data needs to be kept safely.
  • Long-term archiving for research and analytics: In the long term, the amount of data an organization owns can add up. However, most of this data is important for research purposes and therefore cannot be simply removed.

Solving IT challenges for the healthcare sector

Syneto solutions are easy to deploy and manage, but also efficient in terms of data protection, Disaster Recovery and using resources efficiently. When it comes to defying the challenges of healthcare companies, Syneto offers the following benefits:

Safe and scalable storage for medical technologies like PACS and VNA

Scalable analytics and big data medical research repository.

EMR software virtualization and consolidation with built-in data protection.

Complete data protection, continuity and compliance for all patient data.

Customer success story: Qura cures its IT limitations with Syneto

Qura is a knowledge-based company that develops innovative technologies and devices in the medical field of extracorporeal circulation. A growing company, Qura’s IT could no longer meet the company’s needs following its expansion. Qura chose to cure its IT issues with a Syneto solution. The solution was chosen due to its ability to comply with the regulatory requirements that the company, active in the medical field, was supposed to meet.

The Syneto solution now successfully ensures data protection with instant automatic backups. Once scheduled, the backup processes take place automatically, saving the IT team precious time. And, should a disaster or negative event occur, all the company’s data can be recovered and restored in just a few minutes.


Customer success story: Linea Sterile sterilizes their IT and protects their data with Syneto

Linea Sterile is one of the top 10 Italian wash-hire companies and operates exclusively for the health sector, serving both public and private entities. The company uses equipment dedicated to the washing, disinfection, and sterilization of medical textiles.

The company needed an IT solution that would ensure protection for 18 VMs, including their Oracle database (that contains customer information), but also industry-specific software.

The Syneto solution has stood out as a good choice due to its reliability and ease of use. It now successfully runs all the company’s VMs, ensuring efficient protection. The backup process is simple, efficient and allows the company to efficiently keep archives of all their data.